Retiree Spotlight: Thank you, Peggy Marciniec

Retiree Spotlight: Thank you, Peggy Marciniec

Peggy Marciniec, an associate professor of graduate and undergraduate reading education courses in the School of Education, will be retiring from UW-Platteville after 7 years at the university.

Marciniec attended Illinois State University for her BS, then attended Northern Illinois University for both her master’s degree and her Doctor of Education.

How did you become interested in the field in which you taught?

“I have worked with many children who have had difficulty learning to read and to write. My goal in the classroom was always to work closely with those students to eliminate roadblocks and support their individual success. Beyond my classroom, I have wanted to affect my preprofessional students to be the best teachers of reading and writing possible.”

Marciniec began her teaching career in public school in Elgin, Illinois, and in Downers Grove, Illinois in both regular and special education classes.

Then, she transferred into higher education to teach graduate-level reading education courses at Northern Illinois University.

She continued onward to teach at UW-Superior in both graduate and undergraduate reading education courses, then to Alaska Pacific University to teach in the same capacity of graduate and undergraduate reading education courses.

In 2013, after 13 years of collected higher education teaching experience, she began at UW-Platteville.

While at UW-Platteville, Marciniec served as an advisor to Kappa Delta Pi, the honor society in education, and has also served on the International Board of Directions for this group.

Now, after being here for 7 years, her teaching career totals 20 years.

What are some fond memories, if you would be willing to share, of your time as a college instructor?

“I most enjoy working with individuals who have questions beyond what they read in a textbook.”

Do you have advice to share with students?

“Teach because you love learning and the students you will reach. Teaching is not easy, and it is not for everyone. Find a life/work balance!”

Do you have any final words for the university?

“Thanks for a really great 7 years! It has been a wonderful way to begin my next act in life!”

Do you plan on retiring from teaching entirely, or do you plan to move to another institution after UW-Platteville?

“We are returning to Alaska, unless I can get a job driving the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile!”