City Council Discusses a Mask Mandate

On Oct. 13, 2020 the Platteville City Council met to discuss and hold a public hearing regarding the mask mandate ordinance. At the meeting, the common council continued to urge the owners of public places such as bars, restaurants and retail stores where ten or more people gather and cannot maintain six feet difference to have customers wear a face mask.
The common council then went on to discuss a new Declaration of Emergency as recommended by City Attorney William Cole. According to the meeting packet, “This city ordinance would be temporarily added to the City of Platteville Municipal Code.” This means that the city would have the mask mandate for all businesses and public outdoor areas, and if individuals refused, the Platteville Police Department would be able to issue warnings and fines on the individuals to enforce the ordinance. The meeting packet goes on to say that the ordinance would give a list of exceptions where individuals would not have to wear a mask, such as if they have a medical or mental health condition.
While a document to implement these measures was drafted, the common council is waiting for further guidance on how to proceed as well as scheduling a public hearing to hear from those in favor of and opposed to the ordinance.
The University of Wisconsin-Platteville Student Senate has voted in support of the ordinance and sent their copy of the resolution, signed by Chancellor Shields, so the request for the ordinance may be considered for the next common council meeting.