Nov. 2 Academic Staff Senate Meeting

On Nov. 2, the Academic Staff Senate had one of its biweekly meetings. Its chairman, Tyler Tollefson, said the meeting would focus on the new payroll system and how the University of Wisconsin-Platteville is handling COVID-19.
Jessica Wright from the Human Resources Department gave a presentation on how payroll would change for employees on campus. Instead of a monthly payroll, it will transfer to a biweekly payroll calendar. “It [the system] will make payroll a lot more clear,” stated Wright. “New employees will receive their first paycheck sooner.” She then went on to state that the new system “would not change salaries.”
The new system is set to be implement in Jan. 2021. Tara Rucker was excited about the new system; “the HR system that we have does not work well with employees with multiple jobs. This would be all in one system.”
Tollefson then moved to what the Academic Staff learned while meeting with state representatives.
“A lot of conversations on COVID…we are urged to increase COVID testing in the next week,” said Tollefson. He then went on to say that “the UW system is doing good; state wise, Wisconsin is not doing well.” This correlates to Chancellor Shield’s appeal to students to get tested every two weeks on campus.
The next meeting is scheduled for Nov. 16, 2020 where they will discuss 2022-2023 academic calendar for both fall and spring semesters and a financial update.