UW-Platteville’s Thanksgiving Break Guidelines

Many plans this year have been ruined by COVID-19. With Thanksgiving approaching, it is important to take precautions and know how to be safe throughout the holiday. Thanksgiving is usually celebrated with family and a big Thanksgiving
feast. This year is going to look different than previous years because of the complications caused by COVID-19.

Thanksgiving this year will consist of smaller gatherings for many people with only close family members. The CDC recommends that Thanksgiving be celebrated with small gatherings of people within one household. Otherwise, limit the size of the gathering to allow for social distancing. Attending college Thanksgiving parties is not recommended, but they can occur safely with proper precautions put in place. Proper precautions include wearing masks and social distancing.

“Wisconsin continues to be a hot spot for COVID-19, so travelers should pay attention to where they may be going. The state continues to break records for new cases almost every day, with more than 7,000 recorded a few times in the last week,” UW-Platteville Public Information Officer Paul Erickson said.

It is important when traveling to avoid big cities and to stop as little as possible. The University of Wisconsin System would prefer students not go home for break if they plan to return to campus. UW-Platteville is providing COVID-19 testing to all students and members of the community, and if students decide to go home and return, they need to get tested before leaving and get tested twice within three days of returning to campus. If students decide to return to campus. for the remainder of the fall semester, they should be aware that there will be no face-to-face classes after Thanksgiving break.

All services will still be provided the same way as before Thanksgiving break. These include student services, support, dining and living accommodations. These services will also be provided during the break for. students who are deciding to stay.

In an interview with Dr. Dennis Carpenter, a psychology professor who teaches classes at the branch campuses, he said that adapting to very different circumstances with the pandemic and holidays is very hard for everyone. Everyone so far has. been doing well.

He said, “We have all of. these customs and activities that. we are used to doing.” He explained it is hard to keep social distancing when faced with previous activities we could normally do. He emphasized how it is important to push through and try to not get tired of protecting yourself from COVID-19.

In an interview with Barbara Daus, a Platteville City Council Member of District Three, the district containing the UW-Platteville campus, she said that she was overall impressed with all of the students wearing masks and respecting social distancing.

This year Thanksgiving will be different, but it is important to stay safe. “I say wear a mask, watch your distance, and wash your hands,” Daus said.

In an email and YouTube video sent out to the student body, Chancellor. Shields laid out a few requirements for students planning to leave for the break and then return to campus. “Get tested once before leaving campus, starting [Nov. 17]. Get tested twice. upon returning to campus. If you cannot meet the above conditions, don’t return to campus or don’t leave for break.”