The World Dairy Expo Is On For Fall!

World Dairy Expo is a staple for Wisconsin fall festivities. Each year, the Alliant Energy Center hosts over 70,000 attendees from 94 different countries. Over 900 companies from all around the world set up shop in the massive tradeshow that is on-site for a full week. The board of directors at WDE recently agreed with Dane County officials that the 54th annual World Dairy Expo will be held on Sept. 28-Oct. 2 in Wisconsin like it has for the past 53 years. Last fall, the effects of COVID-19 forced the cancellation of World Dairy Expo, like many other events worldwide, but this year the board of directors were determined to bring the Expo back.
This decision was crucial, not only for the Madison area economy but also for the UW System schools. Madison and WDE have had a strong, mutually beneficial relationship for 53 years, providing dairy cattle enthusiasts with a beautiful city where the can meet once a year and an annual estimated economic impact of $45 million. Attendees fill hotels throughout Madison while enjoying local eateries throughout the week and often take advantage of their time in Wisconsin to visit surrounding tourist attractions.
Not only is World Dairy Expo crucial for the state economy, but it also gives students from all over the state a chance to learn about the global dairy industry in many ways. UW-Platteville students are given the opportunity to work with world-class cattle during each breed show. Students get to see firsthand how the show works behind the scenes while making industry connections that often lead to future internships or even careers. WDE counts on the efforts of Pioneer Dairy Club members to help the show operate smoothly each fall.
It is safe to say there are thousands of excited people looking forward to returning to the Alliant Energy Center in the fall to continue the tradition of the greatest dairy show.