Grant County Criminal Justice Coordinating Council Meeting


Morgan Fuerstenberg graphic

On Oct. 5, Grant County held a meeting virtually to discuss a pre-trial bail and bond monitoring program update, a survey to send to the community to get an understanding of how they feel about the criminal justice system and Child in Need of Protective Services (CHIPS).

The Criminal Justice Coordinating Council (CJCC) discussed the fact that the pre-trial bail and bond monitoring program has been discontinued. The last meeting announced the efforts to get the program on its feet with a grant, but one was not available. There was discussion in the past, however, to do it internally. Unfortunately, they found it was not financially possible with the available funds.

The council is also figuring out a survey that can accurately depict how the public views the criminal justice system. The survey would be sent to Grant County residents, asking if they have been through the criminal justice system and, if so, how they could improve it. One council member thought to have the survey be completed by members of the community after detainment or other contact with the criminal justice system.

Some council members wanted the survey to go out to victims, too. The survey would consist of open-ended questions rather than multiple choice.

The discussion was postponed for the next meeting so they can better prepare the survey for the community.

CHIPS covers meth-involved parents and are hoping to provide some sort of family therapy, but some families don’t want or don’t have time to recieve it. CHIPS is operating under the impression that the parents are working to get their relationship with their children back.

The council opened discussion around how to better help these individuals. The idea of having a donation center in churches for families in need of basic supplies was mentioned and welcomed by everyone.