Grant County Land Information Council Meeting


Morgan Fuerstenberg graphic

The Grant County Land Information Council met on Oct. 27 to cover a data-sharing agreement, to discuss on a previous land navigation demonstration and to review the 2022-2024 County Land Information Plan Draft.

GCLIC works to plan county-wide management for land records and synchronize projects with private corporations and government agencies at the county and local level.

After approving the agenda for the meeting, GCLIC began with the data-sharing agreement. The Southwestern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission brought the agreement to the meeting for consideration.

The data-sharing agreement is an official arrangement consenting to the disclosure of information ranging from tax roll to aerial imagery for collaboration on science, politics and decision making. Previously, this sort of communication had been less formal and more administrator specific.

While the agreement faced no opposition on the grounds of its principle, the GCLIC discussed details such as scheduled reviews of agreement terms, specific ways in which data would be shared and how SWWRPC would handle third-party information requests.

In a previous meeting, the GCLIC received a demonstration on how to use new land navigation software. 

Attendees of this meeting reflected on the learning experience and sorted out some details on transitioning from the old software to the new software. 

Additionally, attendees discussed in-depth aspects of multiple programs and compared and contrasted how and why the council would shift programs.

After the extensive discussion on the land navigation software, the council proceeded to review the 2022-2024 County Land Information Plan Draft. This conversation centered around corrections brought to attention by peer reviewers and editors.

The GCLIC peer-reviewed the Waupaca County Land Information Plan to provide feedback to the council and its members.

The Grant County Land Information Council will meet again in late November.