Remembering Silenced LGBTQ+ Voices


Morgan Fuerstenberg graphic

The UW-Platteville Alliance honored Day of Silence on Friday, April 23. The Alliance had a booth within the Markee Pioneer Student Center which had rainbow ribbons, black ribbons and various buttons with different LGBTQ+ flags and pronouns available.

Day of Silence is a day to remember all the LGBTQ+ voices that have been silenced by different forms of oppression, all because of whom they are sexually attracted to and/or what their gender identity is.

Day of Silence first started in the 1990s, and was formed by two college students. It has continued to this day and spread much further to various campuses to have students stand up for those that were denied a voice. Individuals can participate in Day of Silence in two different ways.

One way is to wear a rainbow ribbon to show support for those individuals who take the vow of silence and decided to wear a black ribbon. The second way is to wear the black ribbon and to remain silent for most of the day until breaking the silence later that day and sharing stories about themselves.

Students that came up to the table were able to hear about what Day of Silence was as well as choose to take the pledge or simply be an ally if they were unable to be quiet for the day. Meanwhile, in the Doyle Center within Warner Hall, there were coloring pages, tie-dying and a very welcoming spot to relax.

Later that night within the Doyle Center, students gathered to have pizza and broke the silence with stories and jokes about various personal experiences they have gone through in their lives as LGBTQ+ individuals or being an ally to them.

Though voices have been silenced throughout the years, it is best to know that we all have a voice and can use ours to spread awareness and make a welcoming community for those LGBTQ+ students that have been silenced because of their sexuality and gender identity.