Education Abroad Fair Opportunities

International Programs introduce studying abroad to UWP students


Morgan Fuerstenberg photo

International Programs hosted the Education Abroad Fair on Sept. 27 and Sept. 28 at the Markee Pioneer Student Center. The fair was used to introduce students to the wide array of opportunities available to them in the Education Abroad program as well as help them start to form connections with the organization.

Present at the fair were educators, students and alumni who were passionate about the Education Abroad program. Stands lined the walls, showing off all the places students could travel through with UW-Platteville and other organizations and companies that are hosts to additional Education Abroad programs.

These programs can be used by students to expand their options for travel and opportunities while still being able to apply for scholarships and further their education.

The wide variety of programs available was greatly emphasized, including (but not limited to) trips to Sweden, Scotland, Netherlands, Peru, England, New Zealand, Spain, South Africa, the Galapagos Islands, Australia, Fiji, Japan and Italy. 

These programs include a wide variety of  areas of focus for a student to learn while they are abroad, making each appealing to anyone looking to travel there. Programs can vary in length depending on how long the student wants to be traveling. Education Abroad offers full-year, semester, summer and winterim lengths, as well as two-week courses. 

As mentioned earlier, students can choose to travel through UW-Platteville’s programs, but also have opportunities to travel through other Education Abroad programs, namely Worldstrides and Academic Programs International.

Worldstrides is a company that not only promotes study abroad but also sports, career exploration and performing arts travel. API focuses on education at all levels, including master’s and high school level courses and programs. 

Students who are interested in planning to apply, or are just curious about the Education Abroad program, can visit the International Programs Office at 326 Warner Hall, or email International Programs at [email protected]