Donut Cheat on Upcoming Midterms

UW-Platteville encourages academic honesty through donut-themed event


Morgan Fuerstenberg graphic

UW-Platteville’s Dean of Students Office and Academic Support Programs hosted the “Donut Cheat” event on Oct. 18. Their goal was to educate students about ways to avoid academic misconduct for upcoming midterms while also providing donuts and hot chocolate to students. 

The case manager for the Dean of Student’s Office, Rya Adler, described the event as a way to encourage academic honesty from students before midterms. “Dean of Student’s Office is partnering with academic support programs, CPR and counseling services to promote study skills for students,” Adler said. 

In addition to providing study skills to students, the event also hoped to encourage students to look into some of the self-care and counseling opportunities available on campus. 

Adler believes that midterms are stressful for a lot of students, and if they do not have the knowledge of how to properly manage their stress, then they will be more likely to engage in academic dishonesty. Adler added, “We offer a ton of different services for students on campus and, really, we’re trying to beat the stress before it becomes too overwhelming.” 

Adler also encouraged any student that needs help preparing for their midterms to look into resources available on campus, whether the resource is a tutor from the Tutoring Center or getting in contact with counseling services on campus. 

“All students can succeed and prepare effectively for their exams. That all starts with self-care and we’re hoping to be able to provide that opportunity for them,” Adler said.