Relaxation Event Bandana Project

The Bandana Project hosted a relaxation event on Oct. 20 at 7 p.m. The group wanted to help calm students and remind them to take a moment to relax. 

The president, Daniel Mincemoyer, went around and asked each of the attendees how classes were going. It is midterms season and students are feeling quite stressed. Not dealing with stress can lead to a multitude of serious mental health problems. 

To relieve this stress, the group participated in a 20-minute-long yoga video. Adriene Mishler, an American yoga instructor, led the video. This yoga video was for beginners, which further relaxed the group because none of them were advanced in their yoga skills. The physical activity paired with stretching helped to relax the body.  

After the beginner’s yoga, a meditation video was played. A calming voice played over the speakers as the participants were told to focus on their breathing. The breathing was a good distraction from any negative thoughts the participant may have brought into the room.  

The participants laid on the floor as the negative thoughts melted away. The relaxing voice soothed the participants, and their tense muscles began to loosen. It was nice to take a moment of the day and simply lay on the floor to let things go.

It was less than an hour of time to take out of the day to relax. The Bandana Project promotes students taking care of their mental health. 

The green bandana on a student’s backpack is a sign of solidarity as other students struggle with their mental health; they are a sign that you are not alone in your struggles. 

Counseling services are available at Royce Hall or students can call 608-342-1865.