UW-Platteville’s Expectations for New Chancellor


Kaz Bresnan photo

UW-Platteville students have gotten emails about the Chancellor Search meeting, however, many of the students who received those emails did not attend the actual meeting. The point of the meeting was for the search committee to ask community members and students about what sort of qualities or experience they would like in Platteville’s next chancellor.

When asked what qualities they would want in a chancellor, most community members agreed that they would be interested in a chancellor who was good with partnerships, had experience working in rural areas and would be willing to engage and collaborate with the community.

When asked what skills community members would find desirable in a chancellor, the consensus was a chancellor who would be an active listener and who would be open to feedback from the community.

Members of the community also gave several reasons as to why someone would want to work in the Platteville area. Some of the reasons summarized were an accepting environment and diverse recruitment of students. Additionally, many Platteville residents want to support the campus, which means there are constant upgrades and added amenities to the school.

Community members noted that they would appreciate a focus on recruiting and retaining quality staff, as well as an increase in the population of students at UW-Platteville.

A question was raised as to whether it would be difficult to find a chancellor for UW-Platteville. The search committee replied that the only foreseeable problem would be finding a perfect fit.

UW-Platteville students should expect more updates on the search a new chancellor in the upcoming months. Voting for the new chancellor is expected to occur in April, but no official date has been give