Wisconsin Collegiate Rocket League


Morgan Fuerstenberg graphic

Platteville Esports athletes competed in the two-day Wisconsin Collegiate Rocket League 2022 Fall LAN hosted by the Carthage College Esports arena, which ran from Nov. 12 to Nov. 13. WisconsinCollegeRL hosted a Livestream of the tournament on Twitch.

The first matchup was Platteville Blue vs. UW Stout Blue. The score for game one was UW Stout Blue vs. Platteville Blue, 2-0. 

Eight seconds into game two, UW-Platteville RL player Solaraiz, made a centered short-range aerial goal. After, a goal attempt by UW Stout Blue ended up just in the border wall of the goal line and was stopped by UWP RL player Germ. The very last goal attempt was made by UW-Stout RL player Zurvin but was blocked by Germ. The game three score was Platteville Blue vs. UW Stout Blue, 1-0. 

In game three, Solariaz walked the ball into UW Stout Blue’s goal from midfield, scoring a point for Platteville Blue. With less than a minute on the clock, Germ stole possession from UW Stout Blue midfield on the wall at boost speed and drove the ball into the goal. The game was 2-2 and went into overtime— the first overtime of the WCRL Championship LAN. 

At +1:08 minutes into overtime, UWS RL player BOBTHEHUGEMAN hit the ball onto the upper rim of Platteville Blue’s goal, but it bounced out of the goal. BOBTHEHUGEMAN flew into it and scored for UW Stout Blue. Game three was UW Stout Blue vs. Platteville Blue, 3-2. The final match score was UW Stout Blue vs. Platteville Blue, 2-1. 

The last match of day one was Platteville Raiders vs. Northern Technical College. In game one, NTC scored two points before UWP RL player KaseADilla directed the ball with a short aerial nudge into the goal. Then KaseADilla passed the ball to UWP RL player Vile, who scored a goal. Game one went into overtime tied at 2-2. At +1:12 overtime, NTC RL player Stank double-tapped the ball into the goal so that NTC won 3-2. 

In game two, Platteville Raiders won 2-1 with a short-range aerial goal and a low-boost bounce into the goal from Vile. However, NTC won game three, 2-0. NTC won the overall match, 2-1.

Other notable matches that were streamed for day one of the WCRL LAN were MSOE White vs. Marquette, 2-0; UW Green Bay vs. UWEC Gold, 2-0; Milwaukee Gold vs. Madison College, 2-1; UW Whitewater vs. UWEC Gold, 2-0;  UW Green Bay vs. MKE White, 2-0.

On day two, the streamed matches were UW Stout vs. Milwaukee Panthers, 3-0; Milwaukee Panthers vs. Madison College, 3-0; Madison Badgers vs. MKE Gold, 3-1; UW Stout vs. UW Eau Claire, 3-0; MKE Panthers vs. UW Eau Claire, 4-1. 

A notable moment was the Madison Badgers vs. MKE Gold +5:19 in overtime, which ended with a pass made from UW Madison RL player Raider in the corner to center. UWM RL player Fishy took the pass and made an aerial centered goal, ending the overtime.

The WCRL LAN grand finals were two back-to-back matches with the same results: MKE Panthers vs. UW Stout, 4-2, making MKE Panthers the WCRL champions of the 2022 Fall LAN.