Students Learn New Cultures


Morgan Fuerstenberg graphic

The International Club hosted International Education Week was Nov. 14 through Nov. 18, this week teaches other students about culture and what international education is. 

From events ranging from bread tasting to karaoke, the International Club went all out this year as they had good participation at all their events. Even Interim Chancellor of UW-Platteville Tammy Evetovich came to the bread tasting to experience diverse cultures. 

Associate Director of the International Programs Office and advisor for International Club, Swati Kukreja, is a “mother” figure for the international students and has held her position for UW-Platteville for three years. 

One of Kukreja’s goals for the International Club is to create a sense of community for international students and include other students who are not. This International Education Week and other events present international culture to the campus community. 

An International Club exists at almost every university. The club provides bonding and stability for students as they are in a new country. Students help each other feel less homesick because of the community provided. The university then has many returning students as students feel as though they can relate to each other. 

Returning international students take the first-year students under their wing so they can achieve tasks without too much stress. For example, setting up a social security number and driver’s license can be very confusing in a new country. 

“The International Club is a platform for growth as students come together to share values, culture and ethics. It is a sense of belonging like how a family builds a home,” said President of the International Club, Solomon Adedeji. 

 Even during the COVID-19 lockdown, the International Club would play movies over Zoom. This community is a family through their differences. 

Platteville’s high school also has an International Club which Heer Kukreja, Swati Kureja’s daughter, participates in. The Kukreja women are very involved with providing all students an inclusive home where they can celebrate their differences. 

Suganthi Murugan, the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Divisional Leader and part of the Education Abroad Office, emphasizes the involvement of the Kurejas as the family hosts a party at their house during the celebration time in India. There are fireworks, tasty food and a welcoming community at the Kukreja household. It only makes sense that an inclusive leader would be advising a diverse, inclusive and supporting group like the International Club.