Middle School Protest after Assault

Students take to TikTok after sexual assault


Morgan Fuerstenberg graphic

On the Thursday before Valentine’s Day, Aberdeen Middle School in Abderdeen, Maryland, hosted a themed dance that resulted in the sexual assault of multiple female students.

A 12-year-old has been accused of inappropriately touching the students causing the dance to end early. At least two dozen police officers showed up at the school.

According to CBS Baltimore, “A district spokesperson told WJZ that three stated were sent to parents informing them of this incident.” The letters addressed that the 12-year-old student has been punished accordingly, but students at AMS felt as though he was not held to the right degree of punishment.

AMS students took to TikTok where they posted their protests, featuring signs and chanting in the hallways. One video posted by “fumessiah” shows a staff member being surrounded by the middle schoolers as they are smiling and nodding along. The students chanted, “We want justice,” followed by, “walk out.”

Following the protest, the district sent another letter to parents stating that they had heard rumors of another protest forming the following Monday.

Wallin and Karich: A Law Corporation reports, “Juveniles account for more than one-third (35.6%) of those known to law enforcement to have committed sex offenses against other minors.

Maryland laws forbid the prosecution of anyone under the age of 12, so no charges were made against the student.