Child Murderer Receives Life

114 stab wounds and premeditation cause teen to get max sentence


The Exponent/Morgan Fuerstenberg

Content Warning: reader discretion is advised.

Aiden Fucci, 16, has been sentenced to life in Florida prison after the murder of another teenager two years ago.

Fucci had plead guilty to the murder of Tristyn Bailey, 13, in Feb. 2023, after stabbing her 114 times in a wooded area in May 2021. Evidence from the trial showed that the murder was premeditated and the there was no driving motive.

According to USA Today, “Fucci and Tristyn had been at a friend’s home in their Dubrin Crossing neighborhood and were last seen walking together after 1 a.m. on May 9, 2021, the Sheriff’s Office said.”

It had been reported that Bailey’s body was found later that day after a report was filed indicating Bailey was missing.

Fucci had taken photos and videos of him and a friend in the back of a police car when initially detained. In the videos, Fucci can be heard saying, “Hey guys, anybody seen Tristyn Bailey lately?” Fucci had told his friends and girlfriend that he was going to kill someone because he wanted to know what killing someone felt like.

“114 stab wounds. 49 defensive wounds. 35 wounds to the head and neck. 29 to the back and shoulder. And six fatal wounds … she suffered a painful, horrifying death from someone she trusted,” Judge R. Lee Smith said at the sentencing of Fucci.

Since Fucci is not an adult, he cannot face the death penalty. On March 24, Smith sentenced Fucci to life in prison, with the opportunity to have his case looked over again after Fucci has served 25 years in prison.