Denim Day Raises Awareness on Campus


Morgan Fuerstenberg graphic

UW-Platteville held its annual Denim Day on April 26 to spread awareness of sexual assault and provide resources on campus to help survivors.

Denim Day was started in response to a 1998 Italian Supreme Court decision that overturned a rape conviction because the victim had worn skinny jeans. According to New York Times, “the ‘jeans alibi,’ is a court ruling that suggested that a woman cannot be raped if she is wearing jeans because, the ruling contended, they are impossible to remove unless she helps.”

Denim Day was an opportunity to show students resources on campus if they need support after being a victim and to assure them that they are never alone.

“Other students and LGBTQ+ students that have been harassed both in and out of the classroom. I helped them write Title IXs but not a lot of them know what they can do to report harassment and what steps they can take to push back on harassment,” English Education and Theatre major Isabelle Emerson said.

The Exponent had the opportunity to talk with campus Sexual Violence Victim Advocate Paula Schoenberg, who was able to talk about how she can help and how she wants to get the word out about the resources on campus.

“I think it would be absolutely more beneficial to be talking about it at the beginning of the school year, especially since in the first six weeks is when it can happen the most,” Schoenberg said.

Schoenberg wants to achieve her goal of talking about sexual assault resources right when freshmen arrive on campus.

Schoenberg also mentioned how she wishes that she got the opportunity to talk to more students about the resources on campus for coping with sexual assault.

“Paula Schoenberg is a great resource. She is the sexual assault advocate for the campus. Everyone in the Dean of Students office is also really personable and welcoming,” student senator Kelly Behselich said.

“For preventative measures, I would say the Rave Guardian App is the most efficient resource as it houses several different resources in one app on your phone, so if there is ever an issue, you can contact someone quickly. The safety timer on the app is also a good resource.” Behselich continued.

If you need help or are needing an advocate, Schoenberg is available to help you find resources. Her email is [email protected] and her office is in Royce Hall room 226. There are sexual assault support groups and the meetings take place Monday from 4 p.m. until 5 p.m. in Royce Hall room 226.