Love on the Spectrum showing on Campus


The Exponent/Abigail Shimniok

Services for Students with Disabilities showed an episode of the TV show Love on the Spectrum on Friday, May 7 in the Markee Pioneer Student Center. In honor of Autism Acceptance Month, episodes are scheduled every Friday from the last week of March to the first week of May.

The showing was hosted by Molly Zuehlke and Suraya Strobl, two Disability Specialists working for UW-Platteville.

As Suraya set up the projector for the event, she explained that Love on the Spectrum was originally an Australian reality show about people on the autism spectrum participating in the dating world. She clarified that the American spin-off version was being shown at the event.

Dani, 26, is on the autism spectrum. She is passionate about animation and business and possesses MFA and MBA degrees. Dani went on a blind date with a man named Solomon (also on the autism spectrum). Dani described the experience as love at first sight and kissed Solomon, but her parents cautioned her to proceed slowly with him.

Another person on the show was James, 34. James is also autistic and had a passion for Renaissance Faires. His parents lovingly teased him about his long hair, which was dyed blond. James was very nervous and excited about a blind date arranged for him later in the night, though he would not admit it.

The relationships between the characters and their parents were very heartfelt. The parents cared very much about their children and helped them to pursue careers and higher education despite the challenges that come with autism. It was the parents’ greatest wish to help their children find a loving partner if that was indeed what the children wanted.

After the episode was finished, Molly and Suraya explained that Love on the Spectrum, both the Australian and American versions, can be found on Netflix.