AEC Spring Car Show

The Automotive Enthusiast Club held its spring car show on May 6 in the Pioneer Tower parking lot. The goal of the show was to donate food to the local pantry and raise funds for AEC.

The registration fee for the event was $15, though people who wanted to register could bring in two nonperishable items and pay $10.

“We hold the car show every year because it is something we can do as a club and come together as a team,” AEC President Jeremiah Butkovich said. “It is really cool to have other car enthusiasts come around and show their stuff to us and we can show ours to everyone else.”

The event opened with a motorcycle skills test where those who participated had to ride their motorcycle in between two lines from a start to a finish line. The slowest time won AEC merchandise.

The next event was low car limbo in which cars drove under a pole till the car that had the shortest height was left; the winner received AEC merchandise as well.

AEC also held a raffle where multiple prizes such as shop towels, car cleaning supplies, tools and other items were drawn. The show closed with the trophy ceremony for each class voted on by the attendees.

The car show had over 120 cars registered in nine different classes including: Best in Show, Classic American, Modern American, Offroad/Truck, JDM/Asian, Sport Bike, Cruiser Bike, Euro and Fun and Funky. Winners of each category were voted on by all who attended and registered, except for Best in Show, in which the winner was voted on exclusively by AEC members.

AEC is open to all students who enjoy working on cars or want to start learning. They hold their meetings every Wednesday in Russell Hall room 101B at 6 p.m.

“We had a really good turnout,” Butkovich continued. “There were a lot of friendly competitions here and we are excited for the fall.” AEC will be holding its semesterly car show again in fall 2023.