Appreciate school, sports equally

Cardale Jones’s tweet stating that “classes are pointless” is the exact reason why athletic scholarships are highly controversial. His recent suspension from the upcoming Ohio State game is just a slap on wrist for a third string quarterback.  This feeble punishment will have no effect on a student who’s playing time and understanding of academic importance is obsolete.

It’s difficult to understand any sort of good that this free handing out of money does, when athletes reflect these sorts of attitudes. Especially when a Division III athlete like me works just as hard in the classroom and as I would on the track. It is insulting to all of my teammates, and other DIII teams who do just the same and with no aid.

Scholarship is defined as “a grant or payment made to support a student’s education, awarded on the basis of academic or other achievement.” The athletes given scholarships based on athleticism do not perform in the classroom either. Columnist Brian Filler pointed out the NCAA’s lowering the scholarship GPA requirement to 2.0, the minimum required GPA to remain a student in most colleges.

It is beyond comprehension that students who are ungrateful for the opportunities put before them to grow beyond athletics are punished minimally.

These students take what is granted to them for granted, while other student athletes take what is granted to them for the rest of their life.