A walk down State Street’s Freakfest

Walking down State Street Madison is typically a unique experience. The shops, restaurants and colorful patrons make it an attraction year round. But for one night in late October the street is taken over by the freaks.

Your senses will be overcome by lights, music, eccentric costumes and erratic behavior. It is the land of freaks, geeks, lions, tigers and breathalyzers. It is a time to see big acts and let loose in a safe, comfortable atmosphere.

Freakfest is the annual gathering on State Street in the capitol city of Madison. A tradition on par with the Miflin Street block party, Freakfest is a mecca and an outlet for those in the surrounding area to celebrate Halloween in the most liberal meaning of the word.

Every year, the festival brings in big name acts which provide an excellent channel to satisfy all musical preferences. Despite its dark, riotous past, Freakfest is a time-honored tradition and a highlight of every fall semester.

Thankfully, the city and corporate sponsors see the value in the celebration and instead of shutting Freakfest down, increase the quality of the entire gathering.

This year, 20-year old-rap sensation Mac Miller and electronic phenomenon Big Gigantic headlined the entire festival. Between the openers and the headliners, there was upwards of four hours worth of live entertainment.

At a very reasonable $12, the general admission ticket allowed many fans to be able to see one of their favorite artists for half cost.

In addition to affordable entertainment, the people of Freakfest are of a different sort, in the best possible way.

Friendly ghouls and brain-dead zombies are among the probable encounters, but the shining gems are those characters you wouldn’t expect to meet anywhere else besides the freakiest place in Wisconsin.

Traditions like Freakfest are important. They serve as bridges between generations, provide unique entertainment and help the local businesses. They build lifelong memories and, if nothing else, are a great time for those participating.