Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season Premiere Review

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend began its second season on the CW, on its new night, Friday. This mash up musical/comedy started last year and was somewhat unknown but got a lot of exposure during the TV awards season. The show’s creator and lead actress Rachel Bloom won the Golden Globe Award for Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series-Musical or Comedy.

Bloom is a YouTube star that recently made her way onto the small screen. The show also features other actors such as Frozen’s Santino Fontana and newcomer Vincent Rodriguez III. In addition, the show has a Broadway Alum Donna Lynne Champlin as one of the main characters.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend revolves around the life of real estate attorney Rebecca Bunch (Bloom) and her decision to follow Josh Chan, a man she dated during summer camp while they were young. Along the way she gains friends and enemies, all while spontaneously breaking into song. The show itself is classified as a musical comedy, but with all the emotions the character’s experience, it is much more than that.

The show’s season premiere picked up with Rebecca finally beginning to date the love of her life, Josh. She moved from New York City to fictional West Covina, California in order to follow Josh. Rebecca tries throughout the first season to get his attention, but he only really sees her as a friend. Now, in season two, he breaks up with his girlfriend and realizes he really does like Rebecca. However, Rebecca makes things awkward by accidently telling Josh she moved just to follow him. This makes the rest of the season premiere somewhat weird.

Josh and Rebecca continue to see each other, but only on a sexual level. He moves in with her but only because he left his girlfriend and needs a place to crash. Rebecca wants more out of the relationship, so she asks Josh why he doesn’t sleep in the bedroom with her. It turns out that Josh is worried that Rebecca and her old boyfriend Greg never broke up since Greg simply stopped talking to her for a three-month period. This makes Rebecca go on a frantic search for Greg, and when she finds him, she learns more than she expects.

Overall, I would give this season premiere a 3 out of 5 stars. The plot of the episode itself was well written, but the show itself was missing something. It only had two new songs, which didn’t really help move the plot along and seemed a little awkward. However, the acting and the conflict in emotions the characters were feeling throughout the episode made the hour worth-while.

You can check on Rebecca, her love life and her friends by tuning in to the CW on Fridays at 8 p.m.