The Evasons: a mentalist duo

A review of the latest Campus Programming and Relations Event

Since 1983, Jeff and Tessa Evasons have been amazing people all over the country by performing the husband and wife mentalist magic act. This time, they stopped at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville to shock and awe even more people by showing off their almost impossible mind-reading skills.

On Oct. 27, the Evasons performed at the Crossing in the Markee Pioneer Student Center. It seemed like the crowd was a little smaller than usual, which may have been because of the late show time of 10 p.m. The event itself was hosted by Campus Programming and Relations. With that, the Evasons’ performance utilized as many audience members as possible throughout their entire act.

The show itself started out with the couple explaining who they were and what they did. It was important to note that Tessa was the mentalist amongst the two of them. To prove that Tessa was a mentalist, Jeff had someone from the crowd with an iPhone shine their flashlight in Tessa’s ear to show she didn’t have a headphone or anything that would be constituted as cheating. Tessa then proceeded to guess the number of contacts this same audience member had in her phone and guessed correctly. This opening act started the large amount of shocked looks and sounds that were present within the crowd for the entire evening.

Throughout the show, Tessa showed off multiple aspects of her mentalist magic all while wearing a blind fold that was tested by an audience member to make sure it was real. She guessed the last four digits of a credit card number someone’s name, birthday, birthplace  and to guessing how many cigarettes were in an audience members’ pack. Tessa performed each of these tasks with ease, which impressed everyone in attendance. The most notable event seemed to be the official last trick of the night.

Jeff picked one member of the audience that said she had seen a ghost before. He then picked two tall people to come to the stage. The woman who saw the ghost sat in a chair while the two other people held a white sheet behind her. Then, another audience member was picked to take a photo with a polaroid camera when Jeff said to. Lastly, two more audience members were asked to the stage to be witnesses of the trick as well as one more audience member was asked to stand  off the stage with Tessa. Jeff then moved his hands around the woman on stage for about one minute. Then he told the woman with the camera to take a photo. Within the white sheet in the background of the photo was an image of an old woman. Jeff asked the girl in the chair if she knew who it was and she said, “Yes, that is my grandma.” The crowd roared with shock and excitement.

Overall, I would give this performance a 4 out of 5 stars. The event itself was fantastic and the crowd seemed to really enjoy it. However, the time of day it was held made the crowd somewhat smaller than usual. The Evasons were a different type of performance that CPR have never really done before, but seemed to get the biggest reaction. As a whole, the Evasons received one of the best reactions from a UW-Platteville crowd at a CPR event this semester.