Gilmore Girls: A Year in Review

Our fast talking, coffee drinking, small town living girls are back in four new episodes thanks to Netflix. It has been nine years since Gilmore Girls graced our small screens with their presence but it has finally happened. Gilmore Girls returned and it was everything we could have hoped it to be…or at least almost everything. Do not worry Gilmore procrastinators, for the first half of my review will be spoiler free.

The revival has four episodes that run around an hour and a half each and covers one full year: winter, spring, summer and fall. Of the actors that have returned, they seem to fall right back into their characters, except for Alexis Bledel. It felt as if she was forcing herself back into Rory instead of her inner Rory coming out naturally. As I was watching it felt as if I stepped back in a time machine. Everything felt the same and it was like seeing a friend after not seeing them for years. Stars Hollow, Luke’s Diner, Doose’s Market, the Dragonfly Inn, Lorelai’s house and Emily’s mansion didn’t look any different. For those of you that have yet to watch it, I am going to give you some advice that you need to follow. Watch every episode twice. The first time around to the avid Gilmore Girls’ fan it will seem like something was missing or it just wasn’t what they wanted. But watch it twice. The experience you get the second time makes you question why you felt unsure the first time.

Now I am going to go into spoilers so, SPOILER ALERT! Like I said above, the first time around I was very unsure about the whole revival. I questioned so many things that they did, and it did not feel like the Gilmore Girls that I had come to love. Rory felt forced and not like her character. She had forgotten way too many details about her boyfriend Paul that she had been with for two years, including the fact that he existed at all. Rory was also having an affair with an engaged Logan. I felt it wasn’t Rory at all but a person that had taken over Rory’s body was forcing her to make bad decisions. Thankfully as the episodes continued the Rory we all knew and loved came back- at least a little bit.

Emily also made some huge changes throughout the mini-series. With Richard passing away, she was struggling to find herself after being with the love of her life after fifty years of marriage but she found her peace at the end. For all of the endings that could have happened with Emily, her moving out of the house, quitting at the Daughter of the American Revolution and working at the whaling museum was practically perfect in every way possible. With Luke and Lorelai’s wedding, it was everything that I imagined it would be and more. Them going out in the middle of the night right before their big day and eloping was amazing even though Kirk had redecorated their fall harvest theme; it turned out even better.

And then it came to the last four words. The last four words that always were supposed to be but never were. My mouth dropped and I was crying when the screen cut to black after Rory tells her mother that she is pregnant. Logan was the father and Rory was obviously going to raise the child on her own. It was all coming full circle and Rory’s story will probably play out a lot like her mother’s. Hopefully we will have more episodes. The series ended on that dramatic cliffhanger so they can continue if they so wish. I’m really hoping they do, but in the next season, no musicals. Do not get me started on the musicals.