Snapchat Update hate

The internet is in an uproar due to the most recent Snapchat update. Not only did Snapchat user’s app update automatically and even without permission in some cases, but the app also drastically changed its format. The pervious format was user-friendly which made it easier to navigate. The updated version changed the format from separate pages for stories and conversations to one combined page for conversations and stories. This seems to be the most complained about feature with this new update.

“I don’t like how there isn’t a separate page for stories. Whenever someone posts a story, it just pops up on my feed and it pushes the people who I normally Snapchat out of the way,” sophomore animal science major Emily Mikkelson said.

According to Snap Incorporated, the official company behind Snapchat, this new update was supposed to “separate the social from the media.” Before the update, the media page of the app was combined with the stories page. What Snap Inc. intended was, instead of having a page where your friends’ stories mix with the news stories that featured on Snapchat, the two would be separate in order to give a cleaner appearance to professional content creators. Unfortunately, a more negative outcome occurred within Snapchat’s personal users.

“Snapchat messed up, they decided to merge stories and snap-messages together which defeats of the right most tab for stories. It messes with me talking to people. It’s annoying and it needs to be reversed,” Sophomore forensic investigation major Brett Schmitz said.

Through this update, Snapchat also was trying to make the app feel more personal. In order to do this, they developed the “dynamic Friends page.” In their press release they explained that this is a “best friend algorithm” that is supposed to make it easier to find the friends that you talk to. Even though this was the desired concept of the new update, students around campus and people on the internet had different perspectives.

“I don’t really like the new Snapchat update. With the new update, it has caused me to ask people to resend what they said to me because snapchat automatically will delete it,” senior business management major Devyn Koehl said. “It has also caused me to not respond to someone’s conversation because someone’s story is above my unread message.”

There are several online petitions to try and convince Snapchat to revert back to the older version, but Snap Inc. has not officially released any information on whether or not they will do something about this problem.