Student reviews Netflix show: ‘Big Mouth’

Netflix releases second season of mature and humorous show

Throughout adolescence, we are all forced to share one common aspect of growing up: puberty. A confusing, but very important part of our lives, puberty has been shown and taught to people in very different ways. Recently, a new animated series on Netflix has set out to capture this time of life. Big Mouth, created by Nick Kroll and John Mulaney, is a frama-filled, mature, humor show that focuses on the lives of a group of seventh grade friends trying to face the difficulties of school and life, all while going through the challenging changes of puberty. Big Mouth is not only a creatively designed show that makes you never want to take your eyes off the screen, but covers serious issues and topics that are found today in our society, all exhibiting having subtle amounts of humor along the way. 

After a long wait from the release of its first season back in September 2017, there is finally a second season. Ten brand new episodes cover topics that would normally be uncomfortable to hear, but with the help of the flamboyant voices of Nick Kroll, Kenneth Parcell, Maya Rudolph and many others, the filthy topics of pubes and periods can be easily brushed off the shoulder. This show has many strengths behind it that make it distinctly different from any other cartoon comedy that we have seen before. These strengths include different types of subject matter, whether it be body positivity or slut shaming, and turns it into a twenty-minute-long episode that has endless punchlines, jokes and situations that a large amount of people watching can relate to. 

The creators of the show also have the talent of taking difficult situations and making them relatable, bringing out emotions as if they actually go through it. Over the course of multiple episodes, Jessi, one of the main characters of the show, is in the middle of her parents’ divorce. Her and her hormone monster, Connie, must handle not only the emotions of her mom falling in love with another woman and leaving her father, but also juggle the emotions and struggles that both of her parents are going through. The audience is able to see and grow along with the characters in the show.

Most shows on television today have small amounts of representation of race, sexuality and gender throughout their casts. Generally, there is a large amount of straight, white, cis characters that provide very little diversity for anyone watching. Big Mouth, however, has a large group of diverse characters. There are characters of multiple sexual orientations, like homosexual, bisexual and pansexual. There is also a lot of exposure for lesser talked about topics in society, like interracial couples and transgender characters. 

With its constant references to issues going on in today’s society, Big Mouth has made itself to be an intelligent show with constant growth and development. Any person can learn more about themselves and the people around them if they take the time to complete the series, and anyone can walk away learning that we are all going through changes.