Editorial: Protesting traveling campus preacher

How to take an active role in stopping the hate he brings to campus


Pip Gordon Photo

As you may or may not know, it is that time of year again when the older gentleman comes to protest on campus with quotes from the New King James’ Version of the Bible. Well, let me tell you: the Bible is a story of mistakes that are made even by the holiest of humankind. 

Take it from my personal experiences and many other peoples’ shared experiences of living in the Catholic community as a homosexual or sinner. I was raised under the influence of Catholicism and it has made me question my relationship with God and Jesus only because of one contributing factor: the Bible. I am not trying to spread religion at all. 

You have the choice of your own beliefs. Should we not acknowledge Jesus forgives most sinners even if we do not believe in Christianity? Doesn’t God love everyone since he created them? Ultimately, is it not Jesus who judges the sinners and decides whether they go to Heaven or Hell? All these questions are analyzed and assumed when reading the Bible with an open mind. 

This man protesting on campus should not be harassing the students, staff, faculty or other people that walk past him on campus. Yes, he may be warning those sinners going off of the said Bible verse, but sorry protesting man, WE DO NOT ALLOW HATE ON THIS CAMPUS. Instead of pointing out sins that all of us have committed, please pray for us thoroughly in church. Do not forget about yourself though, since you are the one that influences Jesus’ decision of Heaven or Hell. 

With the First Amendment right, you cannot protest if it will set off a disturbance where people are going to get hurt. This man inflicts emotional suffering and damage upon University of Wisconsin-Platteville students regarding how they identify themselves as a person. Along with the First Amendment right, I am here to inform UW-Platteville students of the First Amendment “Free Exercise Clause.” The clause, according to Cornell Law School, is said to not only protect religious beliefs, but the action made on behalf of those beliefs. Also, it seems to allow violations of laws, if that violation is made for religious purposes. Plus, the Free Exercise Clause protects religious observers against unequal treatment. 

I think we have given enough equal treatment to this man to where he is harassing our homosexual students and those who enjoy an alcoholic beverage occasionally (if they are of age). If the student body has a problem with this amendment, I highly recommend getting ahold of your representatives for your district about this occurrence. Make sure to vote as well!  

Additionally, I hope you, protesting man, will enjoy the bias report that was given on that day. The staff at Campus Climate are in the processes of making counter-protesting signs that are made not to engage with you. I hope you will like the “Hate is NOT welcome here” and other signs to drown your cynicism out. And yes, I will be making sure that I am praying for the sin of judgement as well, for I am not the one telling you that you are going to Heaven or Hell.