Morgan’s Suggestions: A binge-worthy series

Another must – watch Disney+ series that doesn’t need to be watched sequentially

Disney+ has taken over since it was released earlier this year and has allowed users to watch all the Disney movies and shows that they grew up with. Let me just start off by saying that it is amazing. I am an avid Disney+ user.
While it has had amazing success with shows such as The Mandalorian, I want to look at a show that we all watched as children but is often forgotten about: Lilo and Stitch the series. Back in 2003, the Disney Channel released the series as part of its weekend programming. The show continues the story of the successful 2002 “Lilo and Stitch” movie.
This show has it all: the childhood nostalgia, jokes and entertainment. In case you never watched the series as a child, let me catch you up. The series is about the two title characters, Lilo and Stitch. Lilo being the human Hawaiian girl and Stitch being her beloved blue pet alien. The series follows the duo as they go around Hawaii finding released experiments and finding them homes, like Lilo provided for Stitch in the first movie.
The duo is surrounded by their close friends and family such as Dr. Jumba Jookiba, Pleakley and Nani. These characters have formed an unlikely alien-human family, another aspect that stems from the movie.
Lilo, Stitch and Co. have a lot of issues in their quest to find all the aliens homes. Each alien has their own unique personality and challenges; which cause a lot of problems for the duo. The experiments like to cause havoc on the island because they are struggling to find their place in the world. Some of these experiements have abilities to cause earthquakes or sink boats. All the while trying to find homes for these experiments, the shows antagonist- Captian Gantu, is trying to find the experiments himself to use them in his own evil plans.
Each episode is mildly the same because they all have the same concept. A new experiment is released or found in Hawaii, Lilo and Stitch convince their family to help them catch it so they can find a home for it. While this happens, Captian Gantu is also looking for the experiment.
While this would not exactly be a show to binge-watch, I chose to recommend it because it is the perfect show to put on while doing homework. There is not much more to the plot than I already explained. So, if you either drift off to sleep, or get distracted with that essay you procrastinated on, you will basically know what is happening once you come back to the show at any point during the two seasons that the show ran on television. It is the perfect kind of “background noise” that will keep you entertained if you decide to pay attention.
Sometimes that’s the exact kind of show you need. One you won’t feel bad for putting on when you cannot give it your undivided attention but once you do, you will enjoy the child-like humor that it provides.
Disney+ has a lot of shows like this, so just poke around the platform if you are looking for other options. Personally, this is my favorite show just because I did watch it growing up, so now I get to hear all the dirty jokes and innuendos that Disney so famously sticks into their media.