Morgan’s Hulu Suggestion: “NUMB3RS”

What’s the next show you need to watch?

I’m back at it with another show suggestion! So far, I’ve recommended Netflix and Disney+ shows, but this show is for the Hulu users! This week, I’ve picked a personal favorite of mine: “NUMB3RS!” It is not a show that was just released; it actually aired in 2005, and it comes with six seasons.
This American crime show follows Charlie Eppes, a decorated mathematician, and Don Eppes, his older brother who works for the FBI. Together they use the FBI’s resources and Charlie’s extensive mathematical knowledge to solve different kinds of cases.
The whole concept of the show is that math is usable in everyday situations, and that is exactly what Charlie does by assisting the FBI. In the first episode of the series, Charlie uses math to figure out the probability of where a killer lives to make it easier to find him.
I love this show so much because of its re-watchability. I actually watched this series during my freshman year of college, and I loved it but soon forgot about it until I was scrolling through Hulu about a month ago and found it again. I started the show mainly for nostalgic purposes. However, once I restarted it, I couldn’t stop watching it again. Even though I had already seen the series before, it was like I was re-watching it for the first time.
That’s what I love about shows like this that are on streaming platforms; no matter how many times you watch it, it does not get old.
I also personally think that the best crime shows come from the early to mid-2000’s. This show is obviously included in my favorites list. The story-line in this show does not get old because every episode has its own mini plot. No episode is like the other. I have yet to find an episode that follows another or seems as if it was copy and pasted out of convenience.
What I also love about this show is the characters. My favorite character is Charlie Eppes, but I might be bias because I have a little bit of a crush on him.
However, the other characters also have their own amazing personalities to them. Amita, a graduate student, and Larry, a professor at the college where Charlie works also assist Charlie and Don in their investigations, as well as Charlie and Don’s father, Alan, who helps when he can.
I highly recommend this show because it is the kind of show that makes you want to put down your phone and give it your undivided attention. So, give it a chance and jump into a world of math and the FBI. Give “NUMB3RS” a try!