Schitt’s Creek: Yes, that is how you pronounce it


original art for Shitt's Creek

Quarantine has been a pain for everybody, me included. You can’t go anywhere. You can’t hang out with people outside of your household unless you’re six feet apart. Stores are closed, and the ones that are open have empty shelves. Now you’re stuck at home trying to find some form of entertainment.

Trying to find a show to watch can be overwhelming with how much is on Netflix. Do you want a movie or a long show? Drama or Action? It just becomes too much; which is why I recommend Schitt’s Creek.

Schitt’s Creek is a six-season comedy that aired in 2015 and is available on Netflix. It follows the rich Rose family of four. Johnny was the owner of a chain of video stores called Rose Video. His wife, Moira, was a soap opera actress. Their two spoiled kids, Alexis and David, who are well over the age of 18, still mooch off their parents’ fortune.

In the first five minutes of the show, the Rose family is being evicted from their large, spacious mansion. Their financial advisor committed tax fraud and fled the country. As everything in their possession was stripped away, their saving grace was a small town that Johnny originally bought as a joke for David’s birthday. The family thought the deed to the town was the joke and thought that Johnny had photoshopped the deed. Johnny replied with “Why would I photoshop the deed? The joke was owning the town.”

The family is forced to move there and live in the local rundown motel, Schitt’s Creek Motel. They meet Stevie Budd, who is the sarcastic girl that works the front desk. Then there is Roland Schitt, the mayor of Schitt’s Creek. He does not have boundaries, nor does he understand social cues. The café down the street is the only place in town to eat. The closest thing to a hospital is the vet. After seeing what this town has to offer with its quirky residents, Johnny decides to put the town back on the market.

As the show continues, you can watch the Rose family grow up and see how their lives have changed since being in Schitt’s Creek. They become better and happier people. So, if it seems too cringey in the beginning, it does get better. Do not let that second-hand embarrassment deter you from a great series that will surely make you laugh. It turns a serious situation into something light, which is what we need while in these scary times. Plus, if this isn’t really your thing, you can always put it on in the background while doing something else.

Unfortunately, only the first five seasons are on Netflix. No worries though, because watching those five seasons will take up over 23 hours of your time. That means you can waste almost a full day just watching Schitt’s Creek.
Maybe during this quarantine, Netflix will be able to add the last season. There is no release date yet for when it will be on Netflix, but hopefully they won’t keep us in suspense for long.