COVID’s Impact on me

UW-Platteville student shares their quarantine experience

As much of a disservice to many that COVID-19 has been, it has, in part, been somewhat of a relief for me.
Although some courses still require me to wake up for the occasional Zoom meeting, being allowed to run my own daily schedule, sleep more organically and take care of coursework at any time of day has been quite refreshing.
It has also afforded me the ability to work on the hobbies that require me to be at home. I am currently working on restoring my grandfather’s 1965 Pontiac in an attempt to prepare it for the 2020 Iola Old Car Show in July. It requires a lot of continual attention, something that’s hard to do over just one Saturday per week, especially when you have to remember what you did last Saturday. However, since I am now home all week, I can continually chug along at the project without week-long interruptions, rather than work on it in random spurts.
It also allows me to help my mother with some much-needed home improvement projects and yard work. These would be put off until I had time during the weekends, and many times these projects didn’t get the attention they deserved or got chopped off to make time for other errands and projects.
Oddly enough, the quarantine has also reduced my financial load. Staying home has greatly reduced my fuel consumption and my bad habits of eating out and going “shopping around.” Driving home on the weekends is, obviously, no longer a problem. And, since the appointments that I usually have in Sauk City have been moved to Tele-Health, I no longer need to buy gas every three weeks. Since going out has been reduced to only essentials, my shopping trips are almost non-existent.
Although transitioning to online courses has been a bit of a kludge for me as a person, being cooped up can be irritating at times and eating out of the pantry can get boring, moving back home and staying there hasn’t been too bad for me.