Worst Roommate Ever Review


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Netflix released a new five-episode documentary focusing on the true accounts of victims living with other people with evil intentions.

This true-crime documentary dives into four different stories (one story is in two parts) where the victims or families are interviewed and tell their experiences about the unfortunate incidents. While explaining the events, the episode features “cartoon-like” reenactments to better explain what is going on in each personal experience. 

The first episode, titled “Call me Grandma,” tells the story of a woman named Dorothea Puente, who resided in Sacramento, CA. She was recognized in her community as a reputable woman who donated money and clothing to charities, gave food to the community and, interestingly enough, offered sanctuary to the homeless, mentally ill or recovering addicts who did not have a family to look after them. 

The story focused on a social worker who brought a homeless man, Bert, off the street and into the home of Puente. After he settled into her home, Puente told the social worker that Bert went to visit family and never came back. The social worker felt that something bad happened to Bert so she filed a missing person report with the police. 

The story became eventful and disturbing. It became obvious what the main theme of the story was after explaining Puente’s demeanor and persona. The cliché, “Do not judge a book by its cover,” clearly describes this case and it is trying to warn people that looks can be deceiving.

“Worst Roommate Ever” is a well-told documentary that should be watched by anyone interested in true crime. The episodes are great at storytelling and explain why doing background checks on people before they live with others is important for the safety of everyone involved. 

Rating: 4/5