Celebrities and Their Effect on Society


Payton Jens graphic

In the recent news of the Met Gala and other major celebrity events, the presence of celebrities is all that the news outlets have been covering. Celebrities are glorified teenagers with a college fraternity’s agenda.

Celebrities are going to be defined as anyone who has had something of their own creation, including physical appearance and going viral which are now deemed higher up in society. Everyone is so obsessed with these on-screen idols who can act out in crazy (and sometimes illegal) ways. From slapping Chris Rock on live TV to sleeping around with minors, those who are famous can get away with unacceptable behavior without the normal repercussions. Kim Kardashian spends thousands of dollars on new clothes to maybe wear once and the rest are thrown away or sold as if she did not already have enough money.

The power of a name benefits the consumption of a product for a company. Famous people will slap their name on any product for some piece of the profit pie. Kendall Jenner had her name on alcohol and was marketing it to minors. Skincare with a filtered famous woman on it sells out in seconds just because the outcome is to look like an Instagram model. Overpriced and unreal expectations with no repercussions drives celebrities to continue this behavior. The head of marketing has to deal with all the complaints while the celebrity keeps smiling for the advertisements.

There is a type of privilege that exists for celebrities, but it does also come with a price. Princess Diana was absolutely tortured by the paparazzi as they followed her every move. The paparazzi has evolved today as anyone can take a Buzzfeed quiz to see if one of the members of BTS has the same skincare routine as the quiz taker. People are being absolutely trolled because they exist. This is not okay, but celebrities need to be held accountable for their actions and think about the purpose of their influence.

When are Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker going to get married? Is Lizzo actually pregnant with Chris Evans’ baby? How many kids does Kris Jenner have? Where are Prince Harry and Meghan living? Why did the Jonas Brothers break up?

There is no privacy. Everyday people give celebrities the fame but only with the unwritten rule of knowing every internal detail. Magazines, social media and news outlets encourage this obsession with startling headlines and personal details of the famous humans. Follow Camila Cabello’s skincare routine and how she covers her acne that is practically nonexistent.

This fascination of “beautiful” people may stem from the view on perfect physical appearances and from a lack of self-love within one person. There is no reason to try and better oneself when one can stalk those who have been given fame over a seven-second Tik Tok dance or is related to someone who is famous. So then why does anyone still care about celebrities? Someone is famous as long as the people still give them attention and fame. The power is in the hands of the “common” folk. Celebrities have no other role than to exist and provide entertainment. They are normal humans and should be treated as such. Actions do have consequences and they need to not go unpunished.