Farewell Letter from Assistant Graphics Editor

Dear Editor,

UW-Platteville offers many organizations for some of the most specific groups of people on campus. Transfer students, Women in STEM and even a sorority for animal science majors. The Exponent, however, has something for everybody.

I transferred to Platteville in Spring 2020. Yeah, it didn’t go great. 

I came from a community college, the waystation of higher education. So, in the middle of a global pandemic at a large university in a dorm with no people in it, I had to make some friends.

Instead, I started making comics. They were a way to vent, whether about current events or the hordes of overly plump squirrels on campus picking off unsuspecting freshmen. And for some strange reason, people liked them. Chief Graphics Editor Morgan approached me about putting one in the newspaper. That’s how I came across The Exponent.

I am so grateful to have been a part of the team, even for a short while. Everyone was encouraged to write what they wanted to, and because of that, everything really meant something. No matter what I wanted to make, there were people behind me to help me improve what I was passionate about, whether that be a book review on the topic of dystopian corporate pharmaceuticals or comics about human petting zoos.

No matter what, if you have passion, you are welcomed. Even our hate mail could glean a small source of inspiration. That’s what I love most about The Exponent: no one is a weirdo, but everyone is a friend. 

To my friends, Pip, thank you for your unceasing support and inclusion. I am sorry I brought in sushi that one time. I had no idea you were allergic.

Morgan, you are an invaluable peer editor and a better friend. I, myself, am better for having known you and hope to one day make art almost as good as your weekly headline graphics. 

Nick, I do not regret putting mayonnaise packets in your backpack, and I will always appreciate your obscure knowledge of internet culture. 

Natalie, I am both jealous and concerned about your persistent, hardworking nature. You never slowed down and never quit, but please drink some water. 

Justice, thank you for always sharing the events on campus. There is so much happening around us, and you always put great effort into sharing those events.

Jello, thank you for sharing The Exponent with everyone, as well as your fantastic sense of humor.

Most importantly, I’d like to thank John Rodwell, Editor-in-Chief. No matter the night, no matter the circumstances, there was no one more passionate or energetic than him. His pure enjoyment couldn’t help but be contagious, and never failed to inspire. He is the Leslie Knope of newspapers and environmental conservation, and John, no matter what you go on to do, I do not doubt that you will do it well. 

To the underappreciated, underfunded underdogs at The Exponent, thank you.


Emilee Davis