Star Wars: Andor Review

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Warning: Contains spoilers

In a universe full of laser weapons, sci-fi governments and intergalactic battles, “Star Wars: Andor,” streaming on Disney Plus, veers away from the action-packed intensity of previous installments and creates a story more focused on depth and character.

The series centers around Cassian Andor, the rebel spy first introduced in “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.” Though few episodes of the 12-part series have been released, it seems clear that the directing team is working to create something impactful and unique in the ever-expanding Star Wars television universe.

The show offers a glimpse at Cassian’s life in the era of the Empire, following his story after stealing a piece of confidential Imperial technology. After becoming involved in the deaths of Imperial enforcers, Cassian is put on the run, hoping to sell the tech while staying under the radar.

Though much of the story has yet to unfold, the characters filling the world of “Andor” drive a compelling and captivating plot that upends all that viewers have come to expect from the Star Wars universe. 

With a soundtrack that feels fresh and and greatly unexplored and camerawork that enhances every scene, “Andor” brings to life a slower side of Star Wars very much unrecognized in prior works.

While many previous shows and movies relied on the gaggle of incompetent stormtroopers blocking a doorway for some conflict, “Andor” works to make all characters deeply human and understandable. Both the rebel fighters and the imperial officers feel grounded and astoundingly well-written.

The series boasts a quality story that does not rush itself, taking its time to build heart, value and setting. With solid dialogue, memorable characters and a strangely endearing soundtrack, “Andor” creates a captivating addition to Star Wars and the galaxy it had formerly forged mainly  through action and battles. 

“Andor” is currently releasing one episode each Wednesday on Disney Plus. 

Rating: 8/10