Exponent’s Web and Social Media Manager Says “Deuces!!!”


What did the lemon say to her coworkers? You’re simply the zest!

I wanted to start this out with a joke because not only is it on brand, but the rest of this farewell letter is going to be tooth-rottingly sentimental. Sorry not sorry.

Even though this semester has been one of the toughest I’ve had over my four and a half years here, I always had the Exponent. Despite the late nights and hard work, I always looked forward to being in the office and working on the paper. The office and the people and the meetings have become such an important part of my life, that leaving makes my heart heavy. But why talk about the sad stuff when there was so much joy that came out of my four months with the Exponent?

Thinking back on of all the friends I’ve made, the things I’ve learned, and the opportunities I’ve had, I can’t help but be thankful. From writing articles to designing a website, my list of abilities has only grown with my time working with the Exponent. I mean, who else gets to write over a thousand words about how horrible the “Dear Evan Hansen” movie was, and have it published without question? Not many people, I’ll tell you that.

How could I write about my time with the Exponent without mentioning the people who made it memorable? Late night jokes and voice impressions from Connor and Nick, Vine quotes and threats to computers from Morgan, commiserating over InDesign’s “quirks” with Justice and Kaitlynn, channeling my inner Liam when copyediting, the Wednesday “crying club” meetings with Natalie and Jello and so many things learned from John that I don’t think I could pick just one. I couldn’t have asked for better, more hardworking coworkers this semester and I will forever be grateful for the memories I made with them.

I hope to see the Exponent continue to thrive in the following years and am so excited for the things they have planned.

And now, with all of that said and done, there’s only one thing left to say …

Thank you, Exponent.