Thank you for the memories: Morgan’s graduation goodbye

It’s finally time for me to say goodbye to my time at the “Exponent” and to UW-Platteville. While I didn’t think my graduating semester would end with a pandemic, it did; it changed a lot of things for me, but one thing it did not change was all the memories I gained in the last five years. College wasn’t easy, and I don’t think it was ever intended to be, but it was a journey I would recommend to anyone. I have so many people to thank and memories that I hold close to my heart.
I want to start out by thanking my family; without the support of my parents and siblings, I would not have gotten this far in my education. They provided me with the foundation I needed to succeed on my own while attending UW-Platteville.
Next, I want to thank my amazing professors, specifically my English professors. You believed in me and taught me how to strengthen my writing skills, which is something I am so grateful for. You taught me to persue a career in something I love long before I even decided I wanted to major in English professional writing. It is because of you that I am the writer I am today.
I want to thank my friends who went along on this journey with me. I had no idea what to expect when I first came to campus as a freshman; little did I know I would be leaving with amazing friends. I will miss the nights at the bar, studying in the library during finals week and so many memories that will last a lifetime.
To my roommates and best friends, thank you so much for the memories. I met all of you at different times during my college career and each of you hold a special place in my heart. I will miss the random food runs, the nights drinking on our ugly orange couch and let’s not forget Peppa Pig. We are all crazy and fun in our own way, which is what it made it so much fun to live with you. You all have given me the most amazing senior year and I am truly going to miss living with you and spending so much time together. You have been with me through it all: the tears, the laughter and the drinks. The chaotic memories we all shared are my favorite, from burning clothes in our firepit, to early morning Dunkin’ trips, to drunkenly walking home from the bar to make a mac and cheese concoction. May our love for spiked seltzers and late-night jeopardy never die. I love you all; thank you for the memories.
Finally, I want to say goodbye to my time at the “Exponent”. I had no idea when I joined in Fall 2017 that I would spend the next three years of my life putting countless hours into our student-run newspaper. The truth is that the newspaper taught me that I have a love for writing, and I credit it the most for landing me where I am today. It taught me that words can change anyone’s perspective. The “Exponent” is the reason that I want to go into editorial work and that I found my true calling when it comes to wanting a career. Thank you to the amazing staff, present and past, that helped me. I will hold all the late nights in the office, the endless laughter and inside jokes and the friends I made close to my heart.
The truth is that I don’t want to say goodbye to my time at UW-Platteville. I always thought I would be ready when the time came to get my diploma and, even though I am, I will miss everyone who impacted my life.

Thank you, UW-Platteville, for showing me that home can be more than a house, but a community.

Goodbye Platteville.