Opinion: Russia-Ukraine Conflict

Letter in response to last week’s query about Russia-Ukraine.

Dear Editors,

I think Russia has been humiliated so far. They thought this invasion would have been over in two weeks most likely because they are the second strongest military power in the world compared to the twenty-second. I am glad so much has been provided to Ukraine, from Starlink internet to weapons and ammunition. I do fear that Russia is just warming up as miles of troops are being positioned near Kyiv.

I have not been directly affected, but my feed is full of combat footage and I find it very interesting. I have been following it and the news closely. A lot of mainstream media sources have not done a good job of accurately conveying what is happening over in Ukraine.

I feel like Platteville (and Americans in general) should be on the side of Ukraine as Putin’s reasoning for this invasion is ridiculous and if “98% of Ukrainians support the actions of the Armed Forces, while 93% support President Volodymyr Zelensky,” we should too.

Out of all the conflicts that the U.S. has intervened in, this should have been one, but with Russia hovering over the “nuclear warfare” button, it would have been tense if we had. What we have done so far is a good step toward weakening Russia’s efforts, but I still do not understand why we considered “holding our punches” on sanctions.


David L.