Green Bandana Project Upcoming Events


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Dear Editor,

As a member of the Bandana Project, I am writing on the group’s behalf to explain what we do as well as promote our upcoming event. The following information can be found on the group’s home page on PioneerLink: “The Bandana Project is a campaign with the goal of spreading awareness and support for those struggling with mental health issues and those who have been affected by suicide. As an organization, we spread this support by giving out free, green bandanas and informational resource cards to any interested student. The green bandanas can then be tied onto the student’s backpack in a display of solidarity and support for those struggling with mental health issues. The resource cards contain valuable, relevant contact information for mental health resources, both on campus and in the local community.”

“Students who tie a bandana to their backpack showcase that they are someone who may be approached by strangers in time of need. It could be as little as just having a bad day and wanting to make a new friend, or as big as having dangerous thoughts of self-harm. No matter what, the carrier of the green bandana will assist the person in need until they are safe!”

Our group will be putting on an event May 3 about suicide prevention and mental health awareness led by Candace Yoder and the Matthew Silverman Memorial Foundation. It will be free to attend. After the lecturers, there will be board games in the back of Velzy Commons for attendees to socialize and let the information from the lecturers soak in. Even if you do not struggle with suicidal thoughts, this event still holds vital information to help friends and family who need your support.

To stay informed about this event and upcoming meetings, follow The Bandana Project on PioneerLink or email the group’s president, Daniel Mincemoyer, at [email protected].


Veronica Hausser