Influencer Becomes Target for Hatred


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Dear Editor,

Last week’s piece on Dylan Mulvaney is essential to understanding the thoughts and opinions shared in this piece. Please read “Boycott Due to LGBTQ+ Support” on the Exponent website or in last week’s edition.

When Dylan Mulvaney made her posts to her Instagram in April, no one could have expected the hate she would receive. Users on social media saying she is not a woman filled up her comment section. Viewers had the audacity to determine Mulvaney’s identity without even knowing her.

Identity is personal, and a consistent journey within a person’s life. Mulvaney is a woman, influencer, actress, comedian and most importantly, authentic. Mulvaney is living out her truth and experiencing the path of being a human. She is successful financially as well as with discovering herself.

As part of the LGBTQ+ community, unfortunately one can expect to receive hate but also love. There will always be people who hide behind a screen and relentlessly berate people for the way they live, and Mulvaney was no exception.

Mulvaney worked tirelessly and shared her life honestly on the internet, which in turn to companies seeing a business opportunity to promote their products. Bud Light has long supported the LGBTQ+ community, but an outward partnership with Mulvaney was too public for some.

Being part of LGBTQ+ is completely fine within society, but only until a “breaking” point, it seems. People can express themselves only until someone else feels uncomfortable. Yes, show everyone who you love but only in your corner. Stay away from someone else’s worldview as you break the parameters of their society. This is not acceptance.

Veronica Hausser, Social Media