A Letter of Encouragement

Closing Love from Emeritus Social Media Manager


Pictured Veronica Hausser

My darling Exponent,

Thank you for being an essential part of my growth as a person and a huge figure in my college career. You have taught me so many things and pushed me to grow into who I am today.

This letter is not a “goodbye” because the door is not closing on you, but rather it is just a different path our friendship must travel on. Maybe we will stray from each other, but I will always have the Exponent to remind me of some of the best times in my life.

With that being said, Natalie, my work wife and now boss, you will do great things. One, you are gorgeous. Two, you are so determined to do well. You have the organizational skills of a leader. Cherish your time when you relax and know that you are not alone.

I could not not bring up Ethan next. Ethan, you capture beautiful stills of the world around you and specifically the hobbies you enjoy. You are so friendly and open to literally everyone. You are worth it. Watching the romance in the office has been by far one of my favorite parts of the Exponent lore.

Gabe, your taste in music is amazing, and watching you grow into yourself has been a beautiful thing to witness. Thank you for your wonderful smile and great attitude every Production Night. Your playlist is a banger, and I would love to see you write a few pieces on it.

Mimi, Hello Kitty’s twin sibling, you are so full of light. I love your fresh perspective and the way you are already so devoted to the Exponent.

To the comic guy, Nick, your strength could put anyone to shame. You are so incredibly funny and a boss at organizing the Raven Revived. Your hard work in your academics and at the Exponent does not go unnoticed. Please keep reading and learning more about your beloved math field as it is inspiring to see you so devoted to your areas of interest.

My love child, Kaz, you are fearless. You do not hold back from anything and write about everything. Any muse would be flattered to be compared to you. You are someone I look up to as you live your life as unapologetically as you want to.

To the dancer, Abby, girl, you are so much fun. You are excitement personified. Your inward and outward beauty stuns me as you seem to not know the power you possess. The work you produce is great and the graphics you will make will always be enough.

The Queen mother, Morgan, your capabilities wow me. Your honest love and care for others is comforting and your maintained wellbeing is such a goal for others to strive towards. You truly know your inward self as it is portrayed through your art, specifically, the B.F.A. I attended, and the self realization makes you so wise and knowledgeable.

My former groupmate and boss, the environmental professor, John Rodwell, you are human. You strive to be there for everyone else in your life. Please take time to be there for yourself because you need love and support. The Exponent gives you a giant kiss in this last love affair and your legacy will undoubtedly live on within the benefits you have made.

Last and without a vote but certainly not least, Pip, a thank you is in order. You have changed me. All that you are is so freeing. Your vast knowledge is astounding and not just because you are old. You are relevant and wonderful to talk to. Thank you for contributing to my exploration of me and pushing me to challenge myself. Thank you for being you and all that you are.

My words have gone on many pages, and I am so thankful for the freedom I had to write about relevant topics, opinions and wants. The Exponent was my nest from which I gained wings and soon the ability to fly. Thank you for being there for me when I did not know what I needed. The Exponent is special, and it will live forever … at least in my heart.

Forever yours,