Retiree Spotlight: Dr. Cori Enright


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Dr. Corinne Enright is finishing her last semester as a professor at UW-Platteville. Enright is currently teaching History and Systems and Cognitive Psychology classes.

Enright has been at UW-Platteville for many years and has been an essential part of shaping my college career. The General Psychology course made me realize I wanted to double major in Psychology and Spanish. Enright’s descriptions and passion for what she is teaching inspired me to learn more.

As an academic adviser, Enright is on top of the ball. Every semester was planned out and she knew what classes were going to pique my interest. Somehow, I am graduating early due to the class schedules given to me by Enright. This shows the many years of experience she has obtained during her career.

Most importantly, I thank you, Cori, for your passion for the subject of deinstitutionalization. It has sparked a want for me to make a change and it could not have happened without you. I hope your retirement is filled with all the historical places in the history of psychology but most importantly I hope you have time to enjoy it.