I apologize to men in STEM


Morgan Fuerstenberg graphic

Yes, I will be your secretary

Hopefully, I can be satisfactory

Hopefully, I’m not too feminine, but just the right amount

Hopefully, I can make at least a quarter of what you make.

My boobs must weigh down my intelligence

Your awkwardness is unmatched, 

I hope to get to your level one day

I hope I can make it up to you by wearing shoes that you will like,

cause I know you like to stare at them instead of my eyes. 

It’s that time of the month again, I’ll make sure to keep my emotions in check,

I won’t talk about it either because pms is gross

I promise you, you are a nice guy, and you shouldn’t always finish last

Tell me, do I look like a real scientist or engineer to you? 

You think you are the blueprint, so I want to run it by you first.

If not, I’ll make sure to get you a coffee, 

You can even throw it back at me if it’s gross

because my knowledge may be equal to yours, but my vagina says otherwise.