Prince Globinor


Morgan Fuerstenberg graphic

Prince Globinor had never really been able to process its emotions for the large majority of its life. The first time it was able to concretely feel anything was when it crawled its way through the nostril cavity of its current host body and attached itself onto the stem of his brain. 


That was the first thing Prince Globinor could remember feeling. A boiling, burning resentment in his host body directed towards him. Over the months, that resentment faded, mostly. The growing pains of his host body had subsided, and Prince Globinor had maintained most of his control over the host body without further incident. 


Prince Globinor had felt that frequently. When he first inhabited his host body, he had to learn a new language, and the sharp noises and usage of the appendage in his mouth made the words clunky and awkward. The body he had inhabited was human, and on a spaceship full of humans with their human customs, Prince Globinor had to learn a lot to continue his voyage across space undetected. 


When Prince Globinor first felt loneliness, it was not his own experience, instead one of the memories of his host body. A memory of sitting on the ground of some dusty, sand-covered planet, hands stained red with something and taking in painful, shuddering breaths as he would stare at the two moons of that planet slowly rotating around each other. Prince Globinor never wanted to see that planet in person, thankfully, it seemed the host body and him shared the same sentiment. 


Pain was what happened when Prince Globinor got into fights with other space crusaders. Pain was a laser from a gun, or when you took a bite of food that was too hot. Pain made fluid secretion fall from his eye sockets and his body jolt in a way that caused more pain. Prince Globinor believed that pain was the worst part of being human. 


Prince Globinor had felt love when he was with his crew. When they would bump their closed fist against his own in a way that did not hurt. When Billie, a young human had wrapped her arms around his waist and lifted him off the air after a hard-fought battle. When Marta, the new captain of the ship had clapped him over the shoulder and said, “I like you better now, Norman.” Norman. The name of his host body, she had said it weirdly and had blinked with only one of her eyes at the same time. Prince Globinor didn’t know what that meant, so he held one of his eyelids up with his finger and blinked the other one at Marta who laughed at him. He laughed back. Love, Prince Globinor realized, tended to overlap a lot with confusion.