Morgan Fuerstenberg graphic

My family tree is built on rot
and thus i am built from rot.

The father who lives in my memory

is a fantasy and a stranger

to the man who actually lived.

And he did terrible things

because he believed he had to

and i have to believe

He had to do those things.

And maybe if he was still alive
he would have loved me.

And i am so starved for love

i will beg for it

from the rotting graves of dead men.

This house,

has been built on the bones

of my murdered family,

killed by my family,

and their blood has poisoned the

Yes this house is my home.
Yes this house hates me,

and what does it mean

when your home is also your

Yes i want to leave this house.
No i will never leave this house.

Yes this house has always been


i am the thing haunting this house.