Men’s cross country midway through season

With five upper classmen and 19 under classmen, UW-Platteville men’s Cross Country team is young, but full of potential.

The young team is a positive indicator for the future of men’s cross country. The young team “bodes well for the future,” head coach Tom Antczak said. “There is tons of potential in the young group.” Antczak is in his 21 season of coaching UW-Platteville men’s cross country.

Senior Matt Borneman is excited for the cross country season. He said, “The team has young guys with talent.” Borneman, who is in his fourth year with the team, is from Muskego and majoring in software engineering.

“In the past we had a stud or one or two individuals make the team,” Antczak said. “This year it’s the whole group that makes the team.” He said the strength of the overall team means more depth because lower ranked runners will still place well in meets.

Borneman had a good season last year and trained over the summer for this season.  Even though Borneman had adequate training this summer he was ready to get back to the team.

“I was excited to get back to practice since I was running by myself this summer,” Borneman said.

Antczak emphasized focusing on the little things. “Little things make the difference,” Antczak said. “There isn’t much room for error (in cross country).”

“We need to stay focused on our goals,” Borneman said.

The team has competed in five meets and has six ahead of them, the last two being regionals and nationals.

Antczak said the team is in a tough region. “Last year nine teams from our region ranked in the top thirty-two of the nation,” Antczak said. He predicts the team is going to have to run hard this season to make it to nationals.