Whitehead brothers brush off idea of sibling rivalry

Sibling rivalry molds many people. However, brothers Trevor and Bryan Whitehead, wide receivers on the University of Wisconsin-Platteville football team, are anything but sibling rivals.

When asked if there is any competition between them on the field, they both laughed and responded with a prominent “no way.”

“We are just workout buddies,” Bryan said.

The Whitehead brothers maintain a supportive relationship on and off the field that can be seen by anyone who talks with them.  Trevor even credits his wide receiving talent to his brother.

“Bryan was my wide receiving coach, which is why I was all-state player my senior year of high school,” Trevor said.

Bryan and Trevor are both sophomores but are not twins.

Bryan, 24, is a non-traditional student who enlisted into the U.S. Air Force out of high school and then became a dental assistant for two-and-a-half years. He is now studying to become a physical education teacher with a health minor.

“I wanted to come to Platteville because my brother came here, and I just wanted to play some football,” Bryan said.

Trevor, 19, is studying mechanical engineering.  He recently had an outstanding achievement in the Pioneers’ game against University of Wisconsin-Stout when he set a new UW-Platteville record with four touchdown catches.

“I didn’t even know I broke a record,” Trevor said.  “I didn’t even think I did that great.”

Trevor and Bryan are more than just brothers and teammates; they are best friends.  They have played football for as long as they can remember and started playing on a football team in the second grade.  Thinking back to when they were little kids, Bryan said he can still remember their backyard football games when Trevor would always try to tag along and play with him.

“I kind of wanted to be just like Bryan,” Trevor said.  “He was my hero.”

Platteville football has brought the brothers closer than ever.

“They are some fun brothers when they are together,” senior running back Travis Nelson said.  “They are really something else.”

Many players on the team enjoy and appreciate the humor the Whiteheads’ contribute.

“I love that we get to joke around with each other and laugh a lot,” Trevor said.

Both brothers have clear goals in mind for their futures.  Bryan said he wants to graduate as quickly as possible, and Trevor said he wants to continue to become a better football player.