Wellnitz’s scoring a needed boost for women’s basketball

Communication is a foundational aspect of the Pioneer’s women’s basketball team.

A leading communicator and scorer for the University of Wisconsin-Platteville’s women’s basketball team this season is junior Kim Wellnitz.

Wellnitz is majoring in elementary education at UW-Platteville where she has played basketball for the last three seasons.

She began playing basketball in the fourth grade and was coached by her father through middle school.  Wellnitz went to high school in South Wayne, where she had successful seasons as a basketball player.

“I like to give my voice to the team, pick them up when they’re down and cheer them on when I’m not playing,” Wellnitz said.  “All of us are leaders in our own way; our communication makes us a good team.”

Winning is Wellnitz’s favorite part of the game.  Even with the struggles the team has had this season, their record is 2-6, Wellnitz said she believes that the wins will come through hard work and dedication.

“People don’t believe in us because we’ve been struggling with winning, but as long as we believe in ourselves, that’s what matters,” Wellnitz said.

“She’s our post presence, establishes herself on the inside, gets the rebounds and scores points,” said head coach Megan Wilson, who is in her third season as the women’s basketball coach.

This season Wellnitz has scored more than 80 points, averaging 10.3 points a game, as well as a total of 33 offensive and defensive rebounds, with an average of 4.1 rebounds a game.

Claire Poad, a senior at UW-Platteville majoring in physical education, plays the guard position for the Pioneer women’s basketball team and has been Wellnitz’s teammate for the last three seasons.

“Offensively Kim’s a role leader as a post player and getting the ball to her is important,” Poad said. “She makes big plays for us and we look to Kim for scoring.  She’s always so communicative and good at keeping us going.”