Breckenridge leads new sports medicine staff

Shelby Swanson, Student Writer

University of Wisconsin-Platteville’s athletic department has been experiencing some major changes this academic year, including staffing changes that will have the most significant impact on student-athletes across campus.


After former head athletic trainer Scott Soja stepped down, Ryanne Breckenridge has filled the position.


Breckenridge has 10 years of experience in the sports medicine field and focuses her work on getting people back on the field as fast as she can.


“Ryanne has been here a long time. She really knows what she’s doing,” graduate assistant athletic trainer Joe Frerichs said. “She is very organized, keeps everything in order and is extremely knowledgeable.”


Frerichs graduated from Coe College and has been with UW-Platteville for a total of two years.


Athletes have been pushing for new sports equipment and Breckenridge has delivered early in her tenure.


Equipment that student-athletes can anticipate seeing is a new whirlpool hot tub and stationary bikes to help with recovery.


Breckenridge also looks to streamline the flow of information between her staff and student-athletes.


“Communication between my department and athletes in general is something that we are really striving to work on. We are trying to make this a welcoming environment,” she said.


A key element in Breckenridge’s athletic training department is the student-training assistants, who help take some of the burden off of the athletic trainers.


Student-trainers are work-study students and volunteers that contribute to game setup.


“It’s a fun job, but you are expected to be at every practice, rain or shine,” Frerichs said.


The transistion from Soja to Breckenridge has been smooth because a majority of the student-training staff is new to the program.


“Working with a brand new crew, they have done a great job stepping in, taking over and doing what they need to do with all of the athletes,” Breckenridge said.


A typical day in the athletic trainer’s office starts off in the mid-morning in which trainers meet with student-athletes and do rehabilitation assignments and modalities.


When 2 p.m. hits, the rush begins.


Student-athletes come in to get taped and do pre-practice rituals.


Each athletic trainer has specific sport practices that they attend in order to ensure the safety of all student-athletes.


During practice, trainers will address any injuries suffered by student-athletes.


After practice, trainers help student-athletes with anything they need, such as getting iced down, or removing braces or tapes.


Athletic training is a dynamic field.


Everyday, trainers encounter different situations and injuries.


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