Soccer celebrates senior night

On Oct. 8th the University of Wisconsin-Platteville women’s soccer team tried to snap a six-game losing streak facing the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh. However, the Pioneers fell short as they lost the game, 1-0, with the only goal belonging to UW-Oshkosh late in the first half. Alyssa Sickler started in the goal for the Pioneers, saving four of five shots on goal. The Pioneers took 10 shots and had 10 fouls.

The crowd was fired up for Senior Night. The students were quick to call out refs on a questionable call and several more after that. The parents were just as vocal, just not towards the referees. They cheered the team on as often as they could, hoping to spark a little bit of offense for the Pioneers.

The first half started with the Pioneers playing a lot of defense since the Titans kept forcing their way to the Pioneer’s side of the field. The defense stayed strong not allowing a goal before the Pioneers offense started to get some rhythm, evening out the attack at the 15-minute mark. Oshkosh’s patient offense scored the first and the only goal at the 31-minute mark.

The second half started much like the first with the Pioneers playing a lot of defense early as their offense had to find a little bit of rhythm yet again. The Pioneers had plenty of opportunities to score in the second half, however, the first of which sailed left and over the keeper’s head. The second was a shot that pulled the keeper away from the goal and bounced back to the Pioneers where the open goal shot sailed high.

This game showcased two very different attack styles. UW-Oshkosh was patient and passed around and looked for any opening before taking a shot. UW-Platteville were less patient firing off shots as soon as they had the chance.

The women’s soccer team plays two away games this week. The next home game is Oct. 19 against UW-Whitewater.